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85ml   = RM49.90 / 2pack = RM 90
250ml = RM59.90 / 2pack = RM 110
300ml = RM 69.90 / 2pack= RM 130

Balo Slimming GEL

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 Balo Chilli Slimming Gel
Description of product:
This product creates an heating effect that burns your fats.
Suggested areas are tummies, arms and thighs.

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Balo Cafe Slimming GelDescription of product:
The main difference between café and chili is that café has firming effect which chili does not have. Café is cream based and the chili is gel based. Individual has different liking of the texture. Both produce heating effect to burn off the fats.

How to apply: After shower. Only apply to areas that you wish to burn off the fats. For best result, massage in an upward direction and till the cream/gel is totally absorbed and twice daily. Do not have to wash it off.

For best results, I would recommend you to use both the Chilli gel and Café cream as chili gel contain the ingredient of ginger that heats your fats and café cream does the firming. Use it alternately.


LEG = RM 15
Waist = RM 19.90

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High Sticking Performance, Fully cover your waist + tummy, highly concentrate coverage till your tummy sweating, can be re-use

Japan Slimming Shower Gel 100ml /tube
  Fresh lavender scent
  Slimming, fat burning and firming, smoothen your skin/ remove dead skin cell at the same time
  The shower process is just like a spa treatment
  Use everyday & usually can see result after a month
  Use 5 tubes for perfect full treatment
  Suits all skin type
  Massage on skin with circular motion with at least 1 min or above, you'll feel slight heat, then rinse off.

REBORN Magical Massage Slimming Cream

Ingredients: Chili, seaweed, ginko & various herbs ingredients
After using REBORN Slimming Bath Gel, apply on wanted areas & massage for 10 minutes.
For legs & thighs, massage upwards from bottom.
For tummy, massage in a circle.
Wrap it for better results (optional)
Why choose REBORN Slimming Cream?
1. Fast & effective, no side effects
2. Tummy, arms, thighs, slim wherever you want
3. Harmless for your body
4. Affordable & easy to use
Reborn Slimming Shower Gel

  For all skin type
  Do not use during pregnancy, period time, over-sensitive skin use with care.
  Reborn bandage is just for focused part of body, this shower gel is for whole body
  Use up to 3 bottles for perfect effect.
  You will feel abit of heat while using.
Massage in circular motion for about 1 minute, use everyday
Waist Trimmer
~ Designed to burn excess fat for waistline reduction
~ Made of high quality Neoprene with Far Infrared Ray for inner side of the belt
~ Helps retain body heat and increase perspiration to create sauna effect
~ When using this product you will feel the "Burning" effect
~ Four adjustable measurements from 56cm - 96cm as shown in the picture below
~ Suitable for both man and lady who dreams to have a slim and firm waistline
Cogit 3D Cellulite Waist Band
~ M (waist 58cm-70cm)
~ L (waist 69cm — 85cm)
Germa Arms Band
~ 3 layers pressure, wear constantly to shape better looking arms
~ comfy, no problem wearing in hot weather
~ very good elasticity, durable, wont loose easily
~ hand wash with cold water
Inner Slimming Suit (Black)
~ Free size: suits waist 60cm-80cm
~ material: 85% cotton, 15% lycra
~ Seamless design, comfy
Sleeping Shaping Pants
* M (waist 64-77cm / butt 87-100cm)
* L (waist 69-85cm/ butt 92-105cm)
~ Wear it while sleeping to lift butt and slim legs
~ Platinum + Germanium material helps in shaping
~ comfy & not hot while wearing
La Eau slimmimg stocking (above knee)
~ Wear for 1 hour will use 333 calories
~ Jolin Tsai favourite
~ Recommended dont wear while sleeping
~ Looks like normal stocking
Slimming Socks
~ Strongly recommended in Japan Mag
~ Black color, free size
~ Wear it for 1 hour is equivalent to reduction of 425 calories.
~ Please be patience in wearing this, as this is a long term task
~ Wont b too tight while wearing, quite comfy.
  Ger-ma Waist Band
~ Standard size : suits M-L (64-77cm)
~ Thin material, suitable to wear even on hot weather

360° Slimming Camisol


L (Waist 77cm~82cm, Hip 99cm~109cm) only in beige
XL (Waist 83cm~90cm, Hip 106cm~116cm) only in beige
XXL (Waist 91cm~98cm) pls state beige or black
- waist can slim down for 3-6cm instantly after wearing
- flatten the fat at your back
- improve body shape
- shape and firm the body fat
- push up breast, waist slimming, straighten your back, shaping the hip
- adjust the body fat at your back
- reduce the fat at waist part

Cogit 3D Cellulite Waist Band 3D


pls state size M or L

M (waist 58cm— 70cm)
L (waist 69cm — 85cm)

Waist Trimmer

user posted image

user posted image

 Designed to burn excess fat for waistline reductionMade of high quality Neoprene with Far Infrared Ray for inner side of the belt Helps retain body heat and increase perspiration to create sauna effect When using this product you will feel the "Burning" effectFour adjustable measurements from 56cm - 96cm as shown in the picture belowSuitable for both man and lady who dreams to have a slim and firm waistline



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